Automatic Scale 3000g – Online store

If you are looking for a reliable and precise automatic scale for your business, you should check out the online store. There you can find a robust automatic scale which can distribute up to 3000g of product per bag. If you sell coffee beans or other dry products in big packs, you should have a machine that will help you out with dosing your product. An automatic scale can speed up the whole process of packaging and increase the amount of coffee you produce daily. You can check out this and other packaging items at the online store.
Automatic Scale 3000g
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Automatic Scale 3000g – Specification

The minimum weight this automatic scale can measure is 10 g and the maximum is 3000 g. The intuitive controller allows you to enter the desired weight and adjust the machine’s speed. Pushing the foot pedal releases the dose of coffee and your bag is filled within a few seconds. The device takes care of the results – you will get the same amount of coffee each time (depending on your current settings). You can sell more coffee each day thanks to the automized process of packaging your coffee beans or coarsely ground coffee.

Automatic Scale 3000g – Price

In all honesty, the price is attractive due to the maximum weight this scale can measure. This model costs only €1900, so if you need an automatic scale for your company, you should invest your money in a reliable automatic scale that will speed up the packaging process. If you want to extend your machine, you can purchase other components such as hopper extension or a main frame extension. Each extension has a different price, so check out the price and technical parameters at the online store. This automatic scale comes with a 24 months warranty.

Automatic Scale 3000g – Reviews

I own a professional coffee roastery, so I decided to buy an automatic scale which can measure up to 3 kg of coffee beans. All I can say is that I’m not disappointed. I enjoy my new machine and use it every single day. It is totally worth to buy.


Awesome device! It is so easy to use, and the results are always on point. I’ve never noticed even a slightly different result on my scale. Great machine and reliable retailer. All I can say is that I totally recommend this store! I’m going to use it again.