Coffee packaging machines – online store

In order to ensure your clients, that the coffee they buy has always the same natural and aromatic flavor, you need to take care of the packaging. Fresh ground coffee and whole bean coffee require different packaging machine settings and different packaging sizes. For that reason, packaging machines manufacturers implement different solutions into their machines to increase the quality of the stored coffee beans. If you are looking for a robust and reliable coffee packaging machine for your business, you should do some research at the online store. Manufacturers produce different types of machines, so you can choose a model that will meet your expectations.
Coffee packaging machine
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Coffee Filling Machine – the best prices

You may wonder how much you have to spend on a coffee packaging machine. The price can vary, depending on the functions of the machine and the amount of the coffee beans you can load into the hopper. If you need the complete set for packing your coffee, you can buy the load pack seal base set, which contains an automatic scale, a heat sealer, an automatic coffee beans loader, a scale frame extension, and hopper extension. The price is more affordable and attractive, than buying each of these devices separately. The packaging category on our site offers not only packaging machines, but also heat sealers, which are a must if you want to store the coffee properly. There, you can also find ground coffee filling machines, mini beans dosers and even brute coffee containers.

Coffee packaging machine - which one should you choose?

The question isn’t that simple, because it mostly depends on your current equipment and your needs. If you are a professional coffee roaster, and you own a quite big and successful roastery, you may need a packaging machine with a bigger hopper capacity. You should also think about the size of the average coffee packaging you sell. Commercial roasteries often sell bigger packages (e.g. 1.5 kg), but on the other hand if you work in a home roastery, there is no need to buy a large machine with an automatic scale up to 3000 g. You should consider the purchase of a heat sealer, if you haven’t bought it before. There are foot drive, linear and even vacuum injection heat sealers. As you can see, a packaging machine can be more than just a single device.

Coffee packaging machines – reviews

Everyone, who works or owns a coffee roastery or a coffee shop, needs professional equipment in order to serve and sell only the best quality products. Our clients are in complete agreement that it doesn’t pay off to scrimp on packaging machines or filling machines. They emphasize that they use such a machine even for a few hours every day – the amount of time can differ, depending on the business type and size. In general, it is recommended to choose a packaging machine with at least a 1.5 kg hopper – it helps with streamlining the packaging process. Our clients point out that the whole process of packing and heat sealing a 250 g bag filled with fresh coffee beans takes about 10 seconds!